The Ultimate Act of Love “Pet Euthanasia”

Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation: A Woman cuddles, plays with her dog at home

How to know when is time to say goodbye  Pets enrich our daily lives so much that is hard to imagine life without them. Enjoying the fun and blissful moments together is just as important as responsible parenting and when our beloved furry friends come to their senior years, is important to be prepared to…

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Science Behind Alkaline Hydrolysis

3D Models of molecule H2 hydrogen

Cells are composed of water, inorganic ions and organic molecules. Water is the most abundant molecule in cells, accounting for 70% or more of the total cell mass. Consequently, the interactions between water and the other constituents of cells are of central importance in biological chemistry. The four major organic molecules are proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic…

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