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A wonderful way to honour a lifetime of unconditional love

Discover the green alternative

At Pure Souls, we integrate  biotechnology, sustainable practices and the love for animals and  nature  to  bring you  the   new  way  to farewell  your beloved  pet, natural  and gentle  with their paws and  safe  with the environment.

Innovating to better care for your loved pet, you and our planet


Our flameless process uses water and its natural properties to mimic the natural process of decomposition at an accelerated rate.


Our green technology produces no greenhouse gases or harmful pollutants that contribute to global warming


Our state of the art equipment is not only water and energy efficient but also relies only in clean, green power


We contribute to the cycle of life in a positive way by planting trees as living tributes in the name of our beloved friends

Technology you can trust

Pet water cremation, scientifically known as Alkaline Hydrolysis, is an emerging technology that has been around for decades and is used for pets and humans. More and more communities are learning about its benefits and joining the revolution to choose a more sustainable alternative that is less harmful to the environment and gentle with your beloved pet.

Your Journey… Your Way

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Your time is important.

Saying goodbye is a difficult time and we want you to spend precious final time with your furry friend stress-free. Our user-friendly booking system is quick and easy, however, if you need further assistance or prefer to talk to us, please remember we are a phone call away.

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Select what suits you

Our options are simple and flexible. Choose your preferred memorial styles, beautiful urns, memories box, wonderful keepsakes and delivery options that suit your preference for peace of mind

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Let us take over

Upon booking, we will promptly organise collection of your pet from your home or vet clinic and transfer it to our facility.

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In our care

Your pet will be treated with dignity and compassion at all stages in this journey. We believe all pets deserve to be treated with the same love they received when full of life and joy. With your consent, we will take a paw print, a clip of fur and will perform private pet water cremation.

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Bringing a soul back home

One of our beautiful memorials carrying your pet’s ashes will be returned to your home or vet clinic via Sendler, our 100% carbon neutral delivery partner or personally if preferred*

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Making the difference

In partnership with an environmental organisation, a living memorial tree will be planted honouring your pet’s life, its legacy will be protected for 100 years and it will make a priceless contribution to an amazing cause.





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Our legacy our vision

Our legacy our vision

We envision the next generation of animal lovers experiencing the wonders of nature and are committed to create a green legacy that we can all contribute to. Partnering with the best reforestation project managers in Australia, will support us and our customers to make our vision a reality by planting one by one the trees that will be dedicated to each and every one of our beloved pets who once loved us unconditionally. They will forever live in our memory and their heritage will help maintaining our forest and restoring our natural landscape which will make a real difference in reducing climate change.

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