Terms And Conditions For Aquacremation

Aquacremation is performed as a final way of body disposition. It is carried out by placing the pet into a partitioned Aquacremation vessel for approximately 20 hours while warm water flow and alkali breakdown the soft tissue at a molecular level, leaving only bone fragments (calcium phosphate), inorganic materials and implants or medical devices. Due to the nature of the process, any possessions or materials, such as collars or tags that are left with the animal will be removed prior to Aquamation and disposed of by Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation. The Authorizing Agent understands that arrangements must be made to remove any such personal possessions or materials prior to the time that the animal is transported to Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation. After the process, bone remains are removed from the Aquacremation vessel, all inorganic material is separated and removed from the animal bone fragments by visible selection. The Authorizing Agent understands and authorizes Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation to dispose of these materials in a non-recoverable manner, including recycling. When the remains are removed from the Aquacremation chamber, the skeletal remains often will contain recognizable bone fragments. After bone fragments are air dried, they will be mechanically processed, pulverized. These granulated particles of unidentifiable dimensions, which are virtually unrecognizable as animal remains, will then be placed into a designated memorial container/urn.

Following the Aquacremation, the Authorizing Agent directs Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation to undertake the actions such us, delivery, mail or scatter the remains in a dignified manner, in accordance with the law, and with expressed consent of the Authorizing Agent. If the remains are shipped or mailed at any time, the Authorizing Agent directs that the Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation uses only a registered partner with a shipping service that uses an internal system for tracing the location of the remains during shipment and signature confirmation required. (Signature can be waived)

I/We further represent and warrant that the animal has not bitten any person or other animal during the past ten (10) days, is not suffering from rabies, and has not been exposed to other animals suffering from rabies.



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