Pet Cremation Urns

At Pure Souls, we’re able to take care of the entire pet cremation process. In addition to our Aqua Cremation techniques, we can supply you with the perfect pet cremation urns.

However you choose to remember your pet, our team can put together the perfect package to meet your needs. Explore our selection of memorials and find the ideal cremation keepsake for your pet.

Natural Materials & Packaging

We offer a range of memorials made from a selection of all-natural materials. These include clay and bamboo and cork.

These unique, sustainable materials avoid harming the trees and land where they are harvested. They are 100% biodegradable whilst causing minimal environmental impact.

We use our natural materials to create a range of containers so you can choose the urn that’s right for you.


Memories Box

A memory box is a stylish cardboard container. It’s the perfect simple box that can be placed on display or stored safely.

Our memory boxes come in a selection of sizes to perfectly store the ashes. Your pet remains will be kept safe, protected and dry so you can remember them forever.

Ceramic Pet Cremation Urns

Our ceramic urns are some of our most popular packages. They offer the perfect combination of tasteful style and durable design. They protect your pet’s ashes and ensure their legacy lasts for years to come.

You’re able to select the colour and size of your pet urn so that it perfectly suits your home. With pastel tones and subtle ceramic design, these urns can take pride of place on a mantelpiece or bookshelf.


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Bamboo Pet Cremation Urns

Bamboo is a versatile plant material that is completely natural and renewable. It creates a beautiful, natural style that suits any environment.

We use bamboo for our urns and are able to provide unique laser-cut pet tags and a personalised paw print decoration on all urns.

These unique organic materials and urns are the perfect way to commemorate the life of your loved pet.

Urn Costs & Packages

Whatever urn or container you choose, we’ll help you put together a custom package and service to meet your needs. We’re able to collect your pet remains and return the ashes in the urn of your choice.

Prices vary depending on the size of your pet and the urn you select.

Whatever choice you make, we work to create a beautiful farewell for your pet. At Pure Souls, our aim is to offer compassion and understanding at this sad and difficult time.


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