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Climate crisis is the defining issue of our times and we are all playing our part. The moment to act on climate change has been upon us for too long and now more than ever, we have the power to demand more sustainable products and services by consuming responsibly and standing up against environmentally harmful practices that have become the norm.
There are millions of us who care, but don’t know how to make meaningful contributions; Having the right platforms and making use of them can be a turning point where our individual actions compound and create a collective movement.
As climate change advocates, we are committed to lead the change in the pet cremation industry and its impact in our world.


Let’s build a legacy together

Our reforestation initiative has a strategically collaborative approach, building partnerships with likeminded environmental organisations and using their expertise and knowledge as guidance on the road to achieve our vision.
Experts in their field, Carbon Neutral, and One tree planted, are specialised reforestation developers who are passionate about making a positive impact, restoring cleared landscape by planting native trees in different regions that have been devastated by bushfires, logged or simply cleared for farming.
With your support, our environmental partners will plant on our behalf, the trees dedicated to our pets and life companions, continuing the life cycle in the most natural way.

The Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor is the largest carbon sink in Australia. Considered one of the global hotspots, is both biologically rich and deeply threatened. This is a large scale, high impact reforestation project and the goal is to create a 200km long green corridor, revegetating the landscape with native trees and shrubs, encouraging wildlife to return while at the same time removing carbon from the atmosphere.

One tree planted is working in Australia to restore the country’s native forests following last season’s catastrophic bushfires. Efforts are focused on developing nurseries and planting millions of trees with an army of volunteers and professional crews, creating habitat corridors for koalas in New South Wales and Victoria, enhancing biodiversity in Western Australia, and promoting sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices with landowners.


Imagine the impact

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Trees offer our planet more than beauty, they are a stabilising force for climate, regulate ecosystems, restore rainfall patterns and moderate the effects of sun, wind and noise, protect biodiversity and home over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. Play an integral part in the carbon cycle, clean the air and produce oxygen, enrich our soils and prevent erosion, support livelihoods, and supply goods and services like clean water and healthy soils that can drive sustainable growth.
The list of reasons why trees are so amazing goes on….
They are not only vital but also one of the most important solutions to addressing the effects of climate change.
Stopping deforestation, Increasing reforestation and maintaining forests is therefore critical for humankind and life on earth.

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