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Aquacremation FAQ’s

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Water cremation is slow and gentle. it occurs over 20 hours period. The remains are then dried at room temperatures to be pulverized once completely dry.

Very low. Our water cremation service uses less water than a single household uses in one day.  This includes all the water used for the process, along with the clean water rinsing of the final remains and vessel.

A commonly misunderstood fact is that it is actually the water that performs the breakdown during the cremation, not the alkali.

A hydrolysis reaction is any type of reaction where bonds are cleaved by the insertion of water molecules.  With alkaline hydrolysis, a base is added to water to create an alkaline environment.  This changes the behaviour of the water molecules, causing them to dissociate into hydrogen and hydroxide ions.  The solution is only 5% alkali; 95% is water.  Equally important, are the physical characteristics of the system (design), the continuous flow of the solution, and the heat.  This all relates to collision theory and the rate and completeness of a reaction.

Yes. “Ash” is returned to the family in the same manner it is with flame-based pet cremation, but it is in the form of pure calcium phosphate. The ash is lighter in colour because it is clean, sterile and without carbon discoloration. In addition, you receive 20% more ashes.

Traditional pet cremation occurs at 800-1200°C with the remains in contact with direct flame.  Some of the inorganic mineral remains are lost to the air through the stack.   occurs at 90°C without any fire at all, and the water circulation in the system is a similar flow to that of a creek or stream.  It is very gentle to the final mineral remains, which allows more ash to be present at the end.

The alkali used in this process is the same alkali used in common cosmetic products, body washes, shaving creams and even food preparation

Absolutely not.  As with anything, toxicity of a substance is a function of concentration.  A daily multivitamin is not toxic when taken as directed, but it would be toxic (and likely deadly) if the whole bottle were to be taken.  When spreading or scattering ash, we need to pay mind to where we are scattering them.  A cremation garden that allows the scattering from hundreds of individuals can be a tough environment for growing plants. For families wanting to use the cremated remains from Aquacremation or traditional pet cremations as part of a potting soil, allowing their loved one to live on through the plant, ash is certainly not toxic if the soil is properly prepared.  Significantly diluting the calcium phosphate with potting soil and a pH balancer to match your region and specific plant type makes cremated remains beneficial to the plant instead of potentially toxic.

Yes. The bone remains (calcium phosphate) are 100% safe, pathogen and disease free. The system rinses and cools the bones as part of the automated process. They are safe to handle with bare hands immediately after the process. The bones do not require a cooling time prior to handling, but since this is a water process they will require a drying time before they can be processed for return to the family.

At Pure Souls, we understand this is a main concern of all pet owners, therefore, returning of the correct remains is something we take very seriously. Our professional team takes very specific steps and digital processes to rest assure you receive 100% your beloved friend remains. Your pet is given a stainless-steel engraved personal plate that will travel with him/her for the entire process until the remains are returned to you. All information is automatically entered into our database. Before the water cremation service begins, the information is checked again. Pets are completely segregated by stainless steel partitions in the vessel, ensuring the compartments are fully separated guaranties the integrity of the remains. The placement of the pet is diagrammed on a large white board. The bones are processed individually and one pet at a time, again ensuring the integrity of the remains.

Our cremation services destroy all pathogens. For example, if your pet had chemotherapy, our pet cremation method would render any cytotoxic agents (chemotherapy drugs) harmless.

Yes, the metal will survive the process and can be returned to you if requested

Aquacremation is only an acceleration of what Mother Nature does. Consequently, only 100% organic items will be decomposed — special food treats, flowers etc. are all fine. However any personal items like toys or blankets will not be allowed in the vessel and will be returned to clients together with the urn on a couple of days or a week.

The remaining water is not only benign, but beneficial. It can be used as a rich, organic fertilizer or can be disposed to sewer after neutralizing the PH.

Yes. In fact, the alkalis only make up 5% of the solution. The remaining 95% is simply water. At the end of the 20 hour cycle, the alkali have been completely dissolved and used.

Having your beautiful cat or dog passing at home is deeply sad. Getting a compassionate and respectful business to provide a collection service within hours is the best option. Unfortunately, burying your pet can be dangerous for other pets and wildlife. Most pets are put to sleep with an extremely concentrated anaesthetic agent, AKA euthanasia. This drug, pentobarbital, persists in the buried body of the pet for up to a year. Any animal scavenging on the remains will be poisoned by the euthanasia solution. If your pet dies of a disease which could be spread to other animals or even people, their body might also pose a risk.

No, the size of your pet, be it a dog, a cat or any other pet, has no bearing on the amount of love you have for it. If you’ve lost a hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, fish, parrot, cat, bird, or some other type of pet, you and your family will miss his or her presence in your life and those quiet moments that you shared. Our pet cremation services is for all pets!

General FAQ’s

If you don’t know or are not sure about your pet’s weight, simply make your best guess when booking online or over the phone. Once in our care, we would confirm the weigh using our pet scale, if there is a big difference between you guessing and the confirmed weight at pick up, we will inform you by phone call and price will be adjusted accordingly.

The size will depend on the amount of remains left after the Aquacremation. For instance, small dog or cat remains will fit well in a small size urn, medium and large dog remains will fit in medium and large size urn. Urn will be chosen accordingly once the remains are processed, however if you prefer a particular size we are happy to accommodate your preferences.

Of course, if you provide your own, we will place the remains in it, alternatively, we will send the remains in a dedicated home compostable bag inside our memories box for you to do it at home. Please give us a phone call to organise this service.

We understand the importance of handling your pet’s precious remains and that you might be concerned with them being delivered by a third party. We have carefully chosen our delivery partner, not just because they are a likeminded carbon neutral organisation helping us to keep our carbon footprint low, but because have accepted the responsibility of transporting our little souls in the stamped Pure Souls boxes, cautiously transported and consciously delivered with care.

Our team is pleased to personally deliver your pet’s precious remains. You are welcome to choose this service in the online booking form or during the phone call. This service has a $25 fee.

Deceased pets can bleed or release body fluids that you wouldn’t like spilled in your vehicle. We would love to support you and take the hassle away by collecting your beloved pet from your home, after you say goodbye. Our team will be available for collection as soon as practicable and ensure your pet is promptly and safely transported to our facility.

As always, the option is yours. You can opt for one of the two choices on the booking form, signature-only delivery or authority to leave on a safe place in my absence. If you chose signature on delivery, please ensure someone is home to receive the box or a re-delivery will need to be scheduled in a couple of days.

Sendler will provide you with an email update so you can  be up to date with the delivery details. Please remember we are a phone call away for peace of mind.

We accept visa/Mastercard, PayPal for instant payment and Zip pay for buy now- pay later interest free payment.

We provide our water cremation services 24 hours, 7 days a week including public holidays. Some fees will apply for collection after hours and public holidays.

We provide our services with compassion for families in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. 7 days a week during business hour and after hours.

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