Exotic Pet Cremation Brisbane

Gentle water-based pet cremation for
all of earth’s creatures

Exotic Pet Cremation Brisbane

Gentle water-based pet cremation for
all of earth’s creatures

We're here for you

and your special friend

Your pet is treated with the same love and dignity we provide to all our animal friends
You can expect to receive all your pet’s ashes returned to you promptly in your chosen memorial or urn
Our friendly team will arrange to transfer your pet to and from our facility
Updates at every step of the way will be provided to you by our SMS service
Complimentary grief counselling is made available on request, to help you come to terms with the loss of your pet
Your eco-friendly memories box or urn will make a beautiful addition to your home and a loving memorial for your pet
Choosing Pure Souls for your exotic pet cremation is choosing to lovingly lay your special pet to rest in a way that is natural and beneficial for our earth
You will receive your pet’s aquacremation and tree planting certificates by email. These personalised certificates are keepsakes for the beautiful way you’ve said farewell to your special friend and have contributed to the sustainability of our planet

A personal service for your unique family pet

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Just like humans, pets come in all shapes, sizes and, dare we say, personalities. Your pet may be furry, feathered, slimy or scaley, and it really doesn’t matter—they’re yours, and you love them in all their unique glory. That’s why Pure Souls is proud to offer our exotic pet cremation services in Brisbane. We’re animal lovers through and through, and we’d love to support you with a personalised aquacremation service for your pet. Our range of memorials and natural urns is as unique as your special friend.

No longer do you have to keep your beloved pet’s ashes in a cold, unimaginative container. Choose from a beautiful memories box or a personalised ceramic urn, available in a range of colours, to respectfully remember your pet’s life. Pure Souls offers straightforward pricing and a variety of options to suit your personal preferences. We would love to help you choose the most appropriate exotic pet cremation service for your pet. Simply choose from our services below or call our friendly team.

Aquacremation is the natural choice

for your special family pet

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Exotic Pet Cremation Brisbane

Memories Box Package

Our memories box is a lovely choice for your special pet. Inside your foil-stamped box, you'll find a silky bed where your pet's ashes will lie. The ashes are easily accessible by pulling on the silky tab whenever you need them. Lightweight and easy to store, you'll find our memories box to be a perfect way to keep your pet’s ashes and soul close to your heart.

Ceramic Urn Package

Our versatile and stunning ceramic urns are beautifully crafted and a wonderful way to store your pet's ashes. Our soft-to-touch, velvety ceramic urns come in a range of exotic colours and feature your pet’s name delicately hanging from a cork lid with a personalised animal ornament. These urns are natural, non-glazed, biodegradable and an honourable way to remember the life of your treasured pet.


Kind words

Thank you so much for the care of our little girl ‘Milo’. Milo was 14 years old, and we had to put her to sleep due to old age and a mass on her lungs. The vet gave us many flyers to look at for her cremation; however, Pure Souls stood out to me the most due to their process and care for nature. I also liked the idea of a tree being planted in her name, and instead of being returned to us in a cold metal urn, she was delivered in the most beautiful ceramic urn.

I just wanted to thank you for such a fast and painless turnaround time. Also, I was expecting the process to take a lot longer... Thank you so much. I will highly recommend your services to family and friends and am so thankful we have such a beautiful and memorable keepsake of her.

Melanie Roberts

Pure Souls we’re so wonderful to deal with during such a heartbreaking time. They took such good care of me and of my boy Fritz and I’m very grateful for their compassion. Nothing was too much trouble and they were very understanding. Thank you so much.

Renee Ryan
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Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation in Brisbane

Our services are available for pet owners and families in Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We operate seven days a week during business hours, and we are proud to offer an after-hours collection and aquacremation service (fees apply). 

Thank you for asking this question. It’s one we get asked a lot. We know how hard it is to organise and coordinate the different appointments and services for the end-of-life journey for your beloved pet. We’re here to support you during this time—that’s why we’ve ensured that our booking process is as straightforward as possible.

You can book your service online or over the phone, and in most cases, we only require two hours’ notice from the moment your booking has been placed to taking your beloved pet into our care. To allow you to easily coordinate with other appointments with your vet clinic or a home euthanasia provider, you’re able to book a specific date and time for us to collect your pet. We suggest taking your time to say your goodbyes and recommend that you book our friendly team to collect your pet between 30 minutes and one hour after the euthanasia appointment.

Aquacremation (or alkaline hydrolysis) mimics the natural way a body decomposes and can take up to 20 hours to complete. At the end of our exotic pet cremation process, your pet's remains are transformed into a fine, soft, white ash for you to either keep or scatter in memory of their life.

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More questions? Please explore our FAQs or contact our friendly team on 07 3519 4990.

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