Aqua cremation by Pure Souls is the perfect way to honour the memory of your pet. Our unique dog cremation technique uses a gentle stream of water to produce traditional ash remains.

Dog Aqua Cremation

Our all-natural dog cremation service utilises new technologies to gently lay your pet to rest in a way that’s ecological and kind to the environment – the perfect way for your dog to be remembered.

Learn more about how our dog cremation process works, the selection of services and packages we offer, and how our understanding team can help you during this time.

Unique Water-Based Technique

Pure Souls provides the leading dog cremation in Brisbane. Water cremation is a gentle and organic process that occurs over a 20 hour period. The remains are then naturally dried at room temperatures and placed in the urn of your choice.

We believe this water-based technique is the perfect green alternative to traditional flame cremations. You and your family receive traditional remains to remember and cherish, whilst giving your pet a natural send-off that’s kind to the planet and leaves a meaningful legacy.


Natural Cremation Processes

We’ve designed our green technology with the goal of producing no greenhouse gases. We avoid producing any harmful byproducts, toxins or chemicals during the entire dog cremation process.

Aqua cremation for dogs uses a steady stream of alkaline water to reduce the body. The process creates a

hydrolysis reaction where bonds are broken down with the insertion of water molecules.

With no damaging chemicals, flame or waste, this truly is a natural process and the perfect way to honour the memory of your pet.


Learn more about our dog cremation services and how we can commemorate your beloved pet.

Dog Cremation Costs

The cost of our dog cremation services depends upon the weight of your dog and the style of urn you wish to house their ashes in. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of options and find the service, budget and memorial that’s right for you.

Our dog cremation prices range from $250 to $600. Once you’ve selected your package, we’ll be able to collect your pet remains and complete the process quickly and simply.

Ashes from the dog cremation will then be carefully and personally returned  by one of our team members.

Choose Your Urn

The Pure Souls team is always available to discuss our dog cremation services, explain our processes and find the right package for you.

When you contact our team, we’ll arrange to collect your loved friend from your home or vet clinic and transport to our location in Brisbane.

We then complete the process and return the ashes in the urn of your choice. Our urns are carefully crafted and come in a range of styles and sizes.

This selection includes memory boxes, ceramic urns and bamboo urns. Alternatively, you’re welcome to select your own container which we can place the ashes into.

If you would prefer not to receive ashes from the dog cremation, just let us know. We are able to scatter  them in a caring and respectful manner.

Delivering the Ashes

When you’re ready for us to collect your dog, simply contact us online and we’ll take care of the entire process. Ashes will be returned to you quickly and dependably.

Lastly, we plant a tree as the perfect natural legacy for your beloved dog. These living tributes from Pure Souls are the perfect way to remember your pet.


Talk to Pure Souls about our dog cremation in Brisbane, and arrange a collection when you’re ready.


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