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All transfers included for ease of convenience
SMS updates so you are always informed
Timely turnaround allowing a prompt and joyful reunion
Tree planting living tribute to meaningfully honour your pup's life
Keepsakes included and gently taken with your permission
Unique stylish urns and eco-friendly materials throughout
20% more ashes to treasure form your loved one
Guaranteed Individual cremation
Exclusive microchip tracking system for absolute peace of mind
Your dog has made your life feel whole
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Aquacremation is the perfect way to say farewell to your forever friend. Where traditional dog cremation uses fire, aquacremation uses water to mimic the natural decomposition process. It’s gentle. It’s natural. It’s dignified. And it’s a beautiful way to honour your dog’s life. Having said farewell to our own dogs, we know the sadness you’re feeling at this time. Our innovative dog cremation service provides you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your beloved pet is being handled with the same love and compassion we’d expect as pet parents ourselves.

The Pure Souls team have carefully selected a range of beautiful memorials and natural urns. You can choose a special memories box or a unique and warm ceramic or bamboo urn, so your dog’s ashes will remain close by, and their memory will always be honoured. We offer straightforward pricing and options to suit your personal style, and we’re honoured to support you in choosing the most appropriate dog cremation service for your furry friend. Choose from our services below or call our friendly team.

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Dog Cremation Services

Memories Box Package

Your beloved dog’s ashes will rest delicately on a silky bed enclosed in a beautiful foil-stamped, drawer-style memories box. Our Memories Box Service ensures that you’re able to keep your dog’s soul resting peacefully at home where they belong.

Bamboo Urn Package

Your dog gave you so much in life and in love, and now you can choose to honour those wonderful memories with a natural handmade bamboo urn. Unlike traditional stainless steel urns, bamboo urns offer a warm, neutral and beautiful alternative for keeping your dog’s ashes safe and close by.


Ceramic Urn Package

If you’re looking for a more personal way to pay homage to your pet’s memory, nothing could be more beautiful than our single-fired naked clay urns. Featuring your dog’s name in a round charm, a cork lid with a bamboo paw ornament and your pet’s ashes tucked safely inside, our ceramic urns are biodegradable and make a wonderful statement in memory of your dog.


Frame Urn Package

Preserve the precious memories of your beloved pet with our Photo Frame Pet Urn.
Crafted with care, this elegant urn allows you to display a cherished photo while providing a dignified resting place for your pet's ashes. Designed to blend seamlessly with any decor, it serves as a touching tribute to the bond you shared.

Concrete Urn Package

Honouring your pet's memory has never been more elegant or meaningful.
Our stylish concrete pet urn with candle topper is a modern tribute to your cherished companion.
Crafted from durable concrete, this urn effortlessly enhances any space with a sleek design featuring a comforting candle in the cork lid and an elegant gold stripe detail adding an extra layer of refinement.

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Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation
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The people behind Pure Souls are absolute angels on earth. Compassionate, kind, and absolutely on time. Very happy to trust both of my beautiful puppies to their care. Thankyou x
In one of the most heart breaking moments in our lives, you all took great care of our beautiful Nalah and also our feelings and needs and made this whole experience so lovely and stress free. We cannot thank you enough.
Cannot fault this service. Kindness and sensitivity towards your family and your pet. Not rushed or hassled but kept informed. Turn around is prompt with beautiful momentos of our 14 yo dog Tessie. We chose the bamboo Urn package and necklace for our older child living away. Just perfect. Worth every cent for your special pet. Environmentally friendly packaging to match their environmentally friendly process with a tree planted in memory of our dog. Fully recommend Pure Souls service.
I recently had to say goodbye to my old boy, Albie, and I'm so grateful I chose Pure Souls for his aqua cremation. From start to finish, the team was incredibly responsive and empathetic, making an incredibly difficult time a bit easier.They were very respectful and treated Albie with care and dignity throughout the entire process. The team answered all my questions and made sure I was comfortable with every step. It's clear they understand the bond between pets and their owners.I can't recommend Pure Souls enough to anyone facing the loss of a pet. Their professionalism, compassion, and attention to detail were outstanding. Thank you, Pure Souls, for helping me honor Albie's memory in such a beautiful way.
Pure Souls was so sympathetic and understanding of my needs for the loss of my special pet. My dog was a big part of our family and they provided us an amazing memory to never forget.
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Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation in Brisbane

Absolutely. Our Brisbane dog cremation service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including public holidays. Some fees apply for collection after hours and on public holidays, but we’re honoured to be here for you when you need us the most. You can contact us directly on 07 3519 4990

That’s a great question and one that we love to answer. Like all pet owners, no one likes to think that their beloved dog’s life will come to an end. Flame-based dog cremation can feel unnatural and, to some, even grim. That's why many pet owners prefer our water-based dog cremation services. 


Aquacremation is a method that is superior to flame-based cremation in every way. It’s energy efficient, relies on renewable energy, doesn’t produce greenhouse gases or toxic fumes and uses low temperatures compared to its counterpart. Importantly, aquacremation gives you the choice to embrace a natural and gentle process. It brings comfort and relief knowing that your dog is being laid to rest in the gentlest of ways and that their ashes will be returned to your care within five days.

Your pet's remains are placed into a sterile, stainless-steel vessel that is then filled with a water solution made up of 95% water and 5% alkali. The vessel is heated, and the combination of heat and water work together to gently decompose your pet's body as it would naturally, only faster.  

Once the process is complete, the water solution is drained from the vessel and our team carefully place the skeletal remains through a drying process to allow us to powder them into soft, white ash. In fact, aquacremation results in around 20% more ash than traditional flame cremation.

Your pet's ashes are lovingly placed in your personal memorial or urn and returned to you as quickly as possible so you can honour their life in a way that matters most to you. 

If you’re not sure about your dog’s weight, simply make your best guess when booking with our team online or over the phone. Once in our care, we’re able to confirm their weight using our pet scale, and if needed, we’ll phone you to inform you of the adjusted price according to their correct weight. 

Private Dog Cremation - Image of attractive dark skinned woman wears makeup, has bushy curly hair, smiles pleasantly, cuddles dog, dressed in fashionable clothes, enjoys sweet moment with puppy, being at home together
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More questions? Please explore our FAQs or contact our friendly team on 07 3519 4990.

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