Pure Souls offers a truly special way to remember your beloved cat. Our Aqua Cremation process provides you with traditional ashes, whilst using a gentle and natural water-based technique.

Cat Cremation

Our cat cremation service is all-natural, gentle with your beloved friend and kind to nature – the perfect way to lay your pet to rest. We invite you to explore our cat cremation services, methods and packages.

If you have any questions, get in touch with our understanding and accommodating team.

Individual Cremation for Cats

Our individual cremations for cats allow your beloved pet to be laid to rest respectfully. Our unique, natural process uses a gentle stream of water that leaves fine white ash for you to either keep or scatter.

Our water-based cat cremation is a unique innovation. It utilises emerging technologies to create environmentally friendly and ethical ways to remember your pet. It’s the perfect green alternative to traditional flame cremations and burials.

This green technology produces no greenhouse gases, toxins or harmful pollutants. Our goal is to provide an eco-friendly solution – and we even plant a tree to assist the environment and commemorate your pet.

If you’re searching for a natural approach to cat cremation, then Pure Souls is the perfect choice.

Learn more about our Cat Cremation process, urns and prices when you contact Pure Souls.


Cat Cremation Costs

Pricing for our cat cremation and memorials is based on a number of factors. This allows you to pay the rate that’s right for you and gives you a range of options to choose from.

Cat cremation costs vary by weight and the style of urn you select – which include memory boxes, ceramic urns and bamboo urns. Prices range from $250 to $400

Your cat’s ashes are carefully returned to your home or vet clinic, personally delivered by our dedicated team. We will contact you to arrange a suitable time and will work around your time.

We also plant a tree as a beautiful, living and growing legacy for your pet – all included in the cost of your cat cremation.

How Aqua Cremation Works

Water-based cat cremation, or Aqua Cremation, is a slow, gentle and natural process that occurs over 20 hours. The process produces traditional ashes which are then dried at room temperatures.

Aqua Cremation does not create harmful or toxic byproducts and the entire process is completed in the most natural way possible.

There is very little environmental impact. Our cat cremations use less water than an average household uses in an entire day.

Ashes Respectfully Delivered

When you contact our team and request a cat cremation, our team will arrange to collect your loved cat from your home or the vet clinic .Then, we will transport your pet to our Pure Souls location and will keep you updated all along the journey with an automated SMS so you can have peace of mind and know exactly what step your fur baby is at.

We will complete the process at our facilities and return the ashes in the urn of your choice. Our urns are carefully crafted and a perfect memorial for beloved pets.

If you would prefer not to receive the ashes from the cat cremation, simply let us know at the time of making your order. We will scatter them in the most respectful and compassionate way possible.


To learn more about our cat cremation methods, contact our team today.

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