Cat Cremation Brisbane

Naturally gentle on your cat’s body
and on your heart

Cat Cremation Brisbane

Naturally gentle on your cat’s body
and on your heart

Discover Our Unique Water Cremation Process

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We support you through the entire process

We're here for you and your fur baby!

Your cat is treated with the utmost respect and dignity throughout the cat cremation process
You'll receive 100% of only your cat’s ashes returned to you safely in your chosen keepsake
Your cat’s transfer to and from our facility will be arranged by our friendly team. We love to take care of it all, so you don’t have to
SMS updates at every step of the way mean you'll never wonder what happens next
A tree will be planted as a tribute to the love your cat gave and contribute to a sustainable future
Complimentary grief counselling is available on request to all our pet parents
Your eco-friendly memories box or urn is a sacred addition to your home
Choosing Pure Souls cat cremation is choosing to respectfully lay your cat to rest and look after our planet
You’ll receive your cat’s aquacremation and tree planting certificates by email. These personalised certificates acknowledge the beautiful way you’ve said farewell to your furry friend and contributed to the sustainability of our planet
A peaceful farewell

fitting for the love they gave

Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation in Brisbane

It's so hard to say goodbye to your beloved purring friend. They’ve spent hours snuggling on your lap, lying at your feet or even playfully pawing at your hand. All cats have unique traits, but at the end of the day, yours was special and loved by you. They were your companion and your friend. They deserve to be treated with the same love and tenderness in their passing as they were in their life. Honour the love they gave with a natural and gentle cat aquacremation service.

Choose a special memories box or a ceramic or handmade bamboo urn so your cat’s ashes can be kept safely and securely in your home and close to your heart. We offer straightforward pricing and options to suit your personal style, and we’d be honoured to support you in choosing the most appropriate cat cremation service for your furry friend. Choose from our services below or call our friendly team. 

Lay your purring companion to rest

with a water-based cat cremation service

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Cat Cremation Brisbane

Memories Box Package

Your beloved cat’s ashes will be delicately laid upon on a silky bed enclosed in a beautiful foil-stamped, drawer-style memories box. Our memories boxes are elegant and lightweight, making them easy to store or display anywhere in your home. While your cat may be gone, their memory will live on.

Bamboo Urn Package

Your cat's time with you is so precious. All those purring moments and the memories you made together deserve to be honoured in a beautiful and natural way. Elegantly warm and neutral, these handmade eco-friendly urns are suited to any home decor style. Whether you choose to keep your cat's ashes or scatter them in their favourite sunny spot, this urn is a perfect keepsake to remember them by.


Ceramic Urn Package

Respectfully keeping your cat’s ashes close by and honouring their life is easy with our beautiful single-fired naked clay urns featuring your cat’s name in a round charm hanging delicately from a cork lid decorated with a bamboo paw. You’ll love knowing that their ashes and their soul are close by. These ceramic urns are beautiful on display and are biodegradable and safe for our planet.


Kind words

Beautiful, kind, loving and caring from the moment we made contact with Pure Souls until the time we got our sweet little pet back. We know our Luci was in the best hands throughout the entire process. Linda and the team made this tough time much easier with heartfelt care for not only our pet but myself and family also. Knowing our little Luci now has a living tribute in the form of a beautiful native tree brings comfort to us, and the truly special keepsakes that were brought home with Luci will forever be the best gift. We cannot rate this company full of kind and loving people highly enough. We will be forever grateful for Pure Souls.

Courtney Stimson

We are so grateful for the wonderful service we received from Pure Souls after losing our treasured cat. We were in isolation with COVID when our cat died and they were able to offer a contactless pick up and delivery service for us. We were impressed by the excellent communication throughout the process and for the personalised service. I would thoroughly recommend this service for anyone who has lost their fur baby.

Rachel Williams

We had to say goodbye to our baby after 16 years. Pure Souls were absolutely amazing from beginning to end. Linda was so lovely, helpful and caring towards our cat and throughout our experience. I could not recommend them enough to help make such a sad time a bit easier for you.

Tayla Akurangi
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Cat Crematorium Brisbane
Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation in Brisbane

Most definitely. In fact, the aquacremation process produces around 20% more ash than traditional flame-based cat cremation, as the water solution is very gentle on the final mineral remains. You’ll also notice that the ashes are whiter and softer, and they produce a by-product that is good for our environment.

This is a legitimate concern for our pet owners and one that our Pure Souls team take very seriously. We follow specific steps and have digital processes in place to ensure that you receive 100% of your beloved cat’s remains.

Your pet is given a unique identification code that will travel with them for the entire process until their ashes are lovingly returned to you.

All information is automatically entered into our database upon booking. It’s checked again at pick-up and before the cat cremation starts. All pets are completely segregated by stainless steel partitions in the vessel, ensuring the compartments are fully separated, which guarantees the integrity of your cat’s remains.

Finally, their bones are also processed individually and one pet at a time, again ensuring that you receive only your cat’s remains.

Aquacremation brings comfort to cat owners because they know they’ve made their cat’s aftercare as comfortable and gentle as possible.

Pets that have passed away can bleed or release body fluids that may cause damage or be upsetting to you should they spill in your car. Our friendly team are here to support you during this time and to lift the burden of transporting your cat to and from our Brisbane cat cremation facility.

We’ll honour the time you need to say your final goodbye, and then you can rely on us to promptly collect your cat and take them into our care.

We'll honour the time you need to say your final goodbye and then you can rely on us to promptly collect your pet and take them into our care.

Cat Crematorium Brisbane
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