Aquacremation Authorization

I hereby request and authorize Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation to take possession of and make arrangements for the cremation of my deceased pet.

I, the undersigned hereby certify, warrant, represent and acknowledge that: 1. I have the full legal right and authority to authorize the cremation, processing and disposition of the remains. 2. I have read and understood the Aquacremation process, procedures, and policies. 3. I understand that this process is irreversible. 4. I understand that if I wish to remove or retain any item from my pet, I must do so prior to the cremation process. 5. I give permission to Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation or its duly authorized agent to remove and dispose of any mechanical device or other type of implant; If no instruction for disposition is given, such items may be disposed of at the discretion of Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation. 6. I direct Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation to undertake the actions such us, delivery, mail or scatter the remains in a dignified manner, conforming to my wish and in accordance with the law. 7. I understand that in the event the cremated remains have been unsuccessfully delivered and unclaimed by me or my designated representative within 30 days from the date of cremation, Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation is authorized and directed to dispose of the unclaimed remains in any lawful manner. 8. I further represent and warrant that the my pet has not bitten any person or other animal during the past (10) days, is not suffering from rabies, and has not been exposed to other animals suffering from rabies. 9. I, hereby agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation, its officers, agents and employees of and from and all claims, demands and suits of every kind, including legal fees and litigation, arising as a result of, based upon or connected with this authorization or misinterpretation of information that affects the processing, shipping, and final disposition of the cremated remains.

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