US ABOUT As long life pet lovers and environmentalist, we created Pure Souls to introduce an innovative bio-technology to the pet aftercare market and lead the change in a fossil fuel dependant industry.

Our goal is to set the standard for a more responsible pet disposition and provide support with kindness to pet parents, honouring the life of your departed companion through a gentle and green water process while contributing to the cycle of life in a helpful way.

Providing our services and sharing our vision for a more sustainable choice is what drives us. Making a positive impact in the environment and creating a real green legacy is our mission.

We together can make a difference.

We Do Things Differently

We do things differently

We are proud to be the first and only BCC council registered and approved facility in Queensland to offer state of art technology that delivers a more responsible pet cremation alternative. Our green technology is far superior in every way compared to traditional cremation, is 100% pollutant-free, and energy-efficient. Fire cremation requires enormous amounts of energy, depends on fossil fuels, and is responsible for millions of tons of co2 released into the atmosphere every year.



Reductive Process

Through 95% water and 5% alkali

Fueled by solar renewable energy

NO air emissions

Energy Efficient


Fire Cremation


Oxidative Process

Through fire

Fueled by gas or diesel

Releases greenhouse + toxic emissions

Major energy consumers

We Are Leading Responsibly



Tree planting has mind-blowing potential to sequester CO2. Our mission is to plant one tree for every service we provide, investing part of our resources in actively supporting reforestation programs in Australia to help reverse climate change and extinction crisis.



Sustainability is our core and the driver behind our products, our processes, and our business practices which reflects on our business goals and corporate culture. We aim to transition our fleet to electric by 2023



Minimising the environmental impact of our operations by applying the 5 R’s ( reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink, recover) to every aspect of our operations is key to manage and minimize our waste. We strive to only use responsibly sourced materials that are either biodegradable or recyclable to produce memorials that have been purposely designed to have a second use.



A collaborative approach with other likeminded corporations that are already taking bold action on climate change and green  recovery is key for us to achieve our goals. Working unanimously with other businesses towards achieving a common goal will magnify the efforts and therefore the outcomes.



We are 100% committed to become carbon neutral and have a positive ecological footprint. We will certainly achieve this through relentless commitment to our core values and focusing on learning and improving our business strategies.

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